The first taste is with our eyes; Latte Art

The first taste is with our eyes; Latte Art - Iburu Coffee

Latte art has become such an essential part of our coffee experience that we no longer just appreciate but also expect it. For baristas around the world, its emergence has opened an exciting world of artistic expression while presenting a new challenge to keep on creating. The art keeps them interested and competitive with their fellow baristas, a skill they constantly demonstrate through creativity of the design, contrast and its consistent execution across multiple drinks. But latte art has also opened a whole new world of communication between baristas with their clients.

That fancy art on your latte isn’t just a novelty. It signifies all the hard work that went into delivering a high-quality drink that looks as good as it tastes. To some, it means hours of learning and practice to create intricate designs. But it could also be a simple way through which the barista shows that, in fact, he does care enough and hope your coffee adds some joy to your day; more like a hug in a mug.


In many cases, the art on your latte also reflects how experienced a a barista is, the quality of your coffee and how well the drink has been prepared. Only a proper combination of two things make a good latte art possible; (i) a shot of espresso, perfectly extracted with a quality crema and (ii) milk that has been foamed to the right temperature and density. The beautiful art designs follow after a mastery in height and position of the pitcher from the cup, flow and control of its contents by the barista.


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