Rural Community Development

The development of rural communities not only depends on adequate infrastructure, service delivery or enhanced economic opportunities. Rather, it also involves improving capacity of the people to participate in finding solutions, fostering community confidence, providing coordinated frameworks for discreet initiatives and establishing community relationships  beyond those of service delivery.

Since its inception, Iburu has contributed into a broader rural community development approach through;

Psycho-social support to the farmers

Iburu values and cares not only about financial and physical well-being of our farmers but also their mental struggles. Farmers face a unique set of stressors because farming is an occupation that is largely influenced by factors that are beyond a farmer’s control. These include weather, pest and diseases, price  and interest rates that can fluctuate greatly and unexpectedly. Additionally, farmers can be isolated geographically and socially as they tend to work long hard days alone and may not prioritize their own health and well-being to get the job done.

To offer the full support that we believe our farmers as well as their families deserve, our Iburu team is supported by volunteers based on our farm who offer pyscho-social assistance.

Our psychological work is resource-oriented, focusing on projects that motivate the youth in discovering and utilizing their potential, self-reflection on dreams and yet undiscovered resources to reach each one’s individual life goals in their occupations.

We are guided by the belief that, sometimes we gain or regain motivation and see the purpose of our work by feeling and realizing that what we do is an important part of a bigger vision. That every step in the procedure is necessary and appreciated-from planting a new coffee seedling to tending and picking its fruitful beans.

Skate boarding

Use your free-time wisely; instead of hanging out not knowing what to do, dreaming big-city dreams, why not grabbing a skateboard and give your mind freedom and direction…

We organize skateboarding sessions with children in our local community. Skateboarding is a great activity for kids to learn life skills, inclusion  and boost self-esteem.
Together with Woodwise Skateboarding, we hope to bring out the vibe of skating as an art and freedom to express oneself through the sport.

The culture of skateboarding is social by learning, supporting and motivating each other to bring out the best. We enhance that spirit by training, organizing and hosting skateboarding-events in our local community.

Coffee on Canvas

Coffee is an inexpensive natural dye whose potential for artwork is limitless. It is a wonderful medium for monochromatic artwork with a wide range of rich brown hues. This activity is a great way to express your creativity on paper or canvas in an environmentally friendly way.

Community Service

Iburu gives back to the community through sponsorship or participating in activities organized by the local Makuri Development Forum (MDF) group. Funds raised in this drive are used to support bright but needy school children within the local community.

Job creation

We contribute to reducing unemployment and poverty by employing a proportion of working population in our venture. We also use locally available materials and labor to put up drying racks for the coffee and other work equipment.

Support the cottage industry

We harness the magical beauty of the East African ‘Lesso’ also known as ‘Khanga’ to make vibrant bags for your coffee. The prints and designs are inspired by our rich culture, diversity and nature.  By engaging local tailors we support the cottage industry by creating employment that allows more people to stay and thrive in the countryside.

We would not reach this high standard product and deliver the coffee that our customers around the world enjoy without our farmers. Therefore we are thankful and appreciate our whole team of farmers, employees as well as their families within the local community. We see the excellence of our product as the result of a well-taken care of social and environmental system.

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