Work Experience / Volunteer

Want to gain or offer new skills and experience to our coffee project?

If your answer is yes, then Ibúru would be a great opportunity for you. We would be delighted to hear from you and how you want to spend your time with us.

We are open to new ideas no matter if you are a student, have just finished school or already have work experience; together we can figure out which tasks are fitting your interests. You will have an opportunity to either contribute to our existing thematic areas or chart your own path. As a social enterprise, it is not even necessary to be in Kenya as you can support our growing community all over the globe.

For example, you can contribute to one of the following thematic areas:

  • Promote our value-based coffee
    Promote our value-based coffee
    Help consumers worldwide to identify and obtain our coffee which is friendly to birds, promotes well-being of the small scale farmer and strengthens the local economy
  • Conserving Birdlife
    Conserving Birdlife
    Help us to increase levels of community participation through building appropriate capacity in bird identification, awareness and conservation.
  • Sustainable farming techniques
    Sustainable farming techniques
    Teach our coffee farmers farming practices which promote soil health, minimize water use and lower pollution levels from the farm.
  • Create
    Weather you are a researcher, an artist or someone who has ideas that mutually benefit you and our project, we embrace new ideas

Share your volunteer-work experience

My volunteer work experience

We are basking in the morning sun, lovely birds singing in the trees above our heads, enjoying the result of a great farming work. What could be better than aiming to be part of a fair world where people can enjoy the natural environment – that is not over-exploited but harvested with love and passion – and at the same time having delicious morning coffee?

I’m Pia Martin from Germany, a Master’s student in psychology at Albert-Ludwig University, Freiburg.  My aim as a volunteer worker for Iburu Coffee in Kenya was to help the farmers to get a good price for their naturally produced environmentally friendly product, and at the same time supporting their kids by organizing social events in their village. That feeling of being a big Iburu family is just what I fell in love with when I first came to Kenya in 2017 and has kept me motivated ever since.

Please check out our blog posts for updates from the farm during my stay.

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