An impactful Corporate Gift by PRESENT

An impactful Corporate Gift by PRESENT
PRESENT is gifting with conscience. This holiday season Iburu Coffee unites with Present Denmark to bring you a cup of cheer and menaingfulness. We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive gift pack where every gift tells a story of eco-consiousness and origin.
What is in the box?
Vanilla biscuits from Social Vanilla
Chocolate from  Mark Hermann Chocolate
Glog Spices from Candyspices
Totebag from Manale handmade by Women
Tea from Kazi Yetu
Cherry Wine and liquor from Frediksdahls Cherywine
Coffee from Iburu Coffee
Our commitment to eco-consciousness and meaningful connections made this Christmas collaboration a trully special. We look forward to advancing more sustainable gifting in the future and thank everyone who joined us in celebrating this holiday season more mindfully.
Photos credit: Present


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