A Taste of Global Flavors: Iburu Coffee at 'En Smak av Utlandet'

A Taste of Global Flavors: Iburu Coffee at 'En Smak av Utlandet'

In September 2023, Iburu Coffee participated in the 'En Smak av Utlandet' event in Oslo, hosted by VINC. This occasion was an important milestone for us, celebrating diverse international flavors and cultures. It provided an excellent opportunity to introduce our Kenyan coffee project to a broader audience.

At Iburu Coffee, we are committed to positively impact on the lives of small-scale farmers in Kenya. Our project collaborates directly with these dedicated farmers, ensuring they receive deserving compensation and support to produce the coffee while caring for the environment.

During the event in Oslo, we shared the story behind our coffee. Its a tale of dedication, hard work, and the rich heritage that each coffee bean carries from a coffee farming community in Kenya to your cup.

We thank VINC for enabling us to connect with coffee enthusiasts and fellow advocates of regenerative agriculture and direct trade. Our partnership with Kenya's small-scale farmers is a journey of challenges and victories, and we were thrilled to share these experiences with the attendees of 'En Smak av Utlandet.'

Here is the link to the event video.


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